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In response to Hackerearth’s initiative tostop abusing the word hacker. I want to share an experience from codechef’s long September 2015 challenge, where I actually “hacked” the solution!!The problem wasNikitosh and xor.After reading the problem the solution that comes to mind is to use thetriedata-structure.I submittedthisO(N log max|Ai|) solution thinking it will smoothly pass all the testcases. But …. 🙁 it timed out for testcases 15 – 18. After some thinking I thought this may be because the testcases were using the large inputs i.e.Naround 4*105& 0 ≤ Ai≤ 109While running the large inputs locally in my computer after some time I found that 90% of the time the answer came2147483646. So, I thought of giving a try byhackingthe solution whenever N > 104(i.e. for subtask 2) I printed2147483646.if (N > 10000) {
}I was surprised to see that 8/10 test cases of subtask 2 passed !!! (probably because the testcases were generatednaively).And then I finally submitted my 100ptssolution. Where I printed2147483646whenever any testcase was nearing the time limit. :)if (System.currentTimeMillis() – start > 1200) {
}Although my actual solution didn’t pass all the testcases, but this cool hack (trick) did it :)#HappyHacking

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