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For companies like Thought-Works start preparing on subjects like DS , Algorithms , OS , Networking , Java , C and main thing clear your OOPS concepts which is must and required.FIrst RoundIt can be Flow Chart question (search on google ) or rapid coding questions.After clearing 1st round.Second Round90 mins Coding round which must be solved using OOPS concept.
Few Famous question which are asked most frequently :-Sales Tax ProblemMars Rover ProblemIPOD InventoryAll above problem statements are available on net with solutions.After clearly the above rounds then comes interview.
Total 4-5 interviews are held , Following are list of question of each interview.Technical interview 1Which language u prefer c or java? Why?Questions on projectWrite code for merge sort and simulate on array?Questions on collections java and implementationExplain Sudoku backtracking algorithmDesign rat in maze problem in oopsDesign fan in oopsQuestions on hashingOsi model and function of each layer with some examplesDatabase normalization explain 2nf 3nf bcnf with examplesSchema design for students course and department and asked to write some queriesTechnical interview 2Features of java and when to use c instead of javaWrite code to reverse doubly linked list and simulate with examplesCreate tree form 2 traversalsCode to detect loop in linked list and solution to remove itWhat happens when u type google.comDesign student subjects schemaQuestions on Array and Linked list and their usageQuestions on implementation of CollectionsQuestions on garbage collector in javaSome questions on projectCode for finding tree height ,diameterInterview on leadershipStarted with introductionQuestions on hobbythen on coding why do u like codingdesign internal email system for thoughtworksquestions on complexity of algorithmsquestions on thoughtworkstell some negative points of thoughtworksthen given 3 points 1 leadership 2 hard work 3 helped someone he gave me 5 minutes
to thinkInterview on three pillars of thoughtworksStarted with introductionAsked some questions events I managedAsked current affairsAsked Opinion on caste based reservation ,suicide of farmers and solution to these problemresponsibility towards societywhat is goal and career objectiveClick hereto read myThoughtWorks Interview Experience

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