Diploma Courses

  • DCA
  • DSE
  • DOM
  • D-Ecomm
  • DTP
  • DPFA
  • D-Autocad

Diploma in Computer Application

Diploma Software Engineering
Basics,Windows,Internet,C-Language,GD intro

Diploma in Office Management
Basics,Windows,Internet,Msoffice(WEPA),GD intro

Diploma in E-Commerce
Basics,Windows,Internet,Msoffice(WP),GD intro,VD,Photoshop,HTML 5.0,CSS 3.0,

Diploma in Desktop Publishing

Diploma in Principle and Finance
Basics,Windows,Internet,Msoffice(WEPA),Tally ERP 9.0

Master Degree Courses

  • MWD
  • GDS
Master in web designing Master in web designing
Webwizard provides the best Web Designing Tutorials in Kailash nagar. We are conducting 40 Hrs of intensive Web Designing Course in kailashnagar, Trichy with 100% Placemet support. Our aim is to create future ready Web Designers who are equipped with rich domain knowledge, expertise and tools that will make them contribute at their job from day one. Our focus is on 100% learning, practical hands on training & advanced Web Designing course curriculum. So only we are rated as BEST by our ex students. Students & Freshers:For those who wants to start their career with top MNCs. By upgrading yourself with Web Design skills, you will find huge career opportunities.
Working Professionals:Who are not satisfied with their current profile & wants to boost their career with the latest technology.
Business Owners: Who wants to promote their business & improve their Websites.
Housewives: :For those who wants to work as Freelancers. With the growing digitization, there is a huge Web Design opportunities for women which they can take up from home.


All that you need from a web design company is its creative inlay in varied dimensions of web based solutions. An experienced web designing firm can have great penetration towards the industrial segments and see through the business facet of a web endeavor. No business today wants to just mark there attendance on net but wants to be much active and interact with its audience round-the- clock.

Web wizard is the most preferred Web Designing company in Bangalore and Chennai -India. Depending on the level of complexity, our web designers provide the most apt and custom web design ideas. We either develop the application from the beginning, or just acclimatize to an existing solution and customize it to furnish the specific needs of businesses.

Individual Courses

Computer Fundamentals (Basics) Windows Internet Concepts Msoffice
MsWord MsExcel MsPowerpoint VBA
CorelDraw Photoshop Illustrator Indesign
(Hardware)A+ Tally C-Language