WEB WIZARD(Learning & Earning Solutions) computer Education established in the year 2017 has 2 decades of expertise in IT Education. WEB WIZARD gives training to students with respect to Industry requirements. WEB WIZARD now requires 100+ Candidates in Commerce Stream, 250+ Candidates in Web technology Stream and 150+ Candidates in Programming Stream, 250+ Candidates in Managerial Stream.

To have a successful career in Information Technology a lifelong learning in latest computer technologies is required. However how strong foundation you have, Practical learning will decide whether you will be able to meet tomorrow's challenges.

At WEB WIZARD , Employees are trained in a multi-cultural atmosphere providing student-centered interactive

We believe that training in the latest computer technologies combined with life-long learning are the essential ingredients for building a successful career in the IT Industry.

At Web Wizard emphasis is given to the maximum extent on the projects by maximum practical learning through simulated projects designed to the needs of the industry. “Practice makes a man perfect”. A belief that is unanimously shared at WEB WIZARD . This is quite evident from the fact that the employees are offered more computer time than theory, a popular concept in modern employment.

Web Wizard provides high quality computer education at a very high standard at a very low cost. Our mission is to create a pool of high quality software professionals who will meet the demanding needs of multinational organizations for tomorrow’s challenges.

Training methods have been maximized with “learning” rather than “teaching” through well equipped lab ONE-TO- ONE ratio (ONE COMPUTER FOR ONE STUDENT). With structured combination of theoretical and practical sessions, reinforced with colour Intel Dual Core computers in every class room for live demonstrations.

The value of our Diploma and Masters speaks for itself. It is trusted by the industry, our strength is “Training in the Diploma and Masters Courses” which has been designed to offer learning, emphasis on the practical’s. The Diploma and Masters courses have also been incorporated with academic training material suitably developed for software industry’s applications. Diploma and Masters Courses are extensively researched and designed by professionals from IT industry. WEB WIZARD has also ongoing research to meet out emerging trends and future requirements of the software industry, with continuously advice on the course content and teaching methodologies.

The institute features modern classrooms that create a pleasant atmosphere conductive to learning. The software versions are the latest and the technology is upgraded very frequently to meet the emerging demands of the software companies. We conduct the Exams to a very high standard which reflects our quality education. At WEB WIZARD we offer courses on different verticals:- Finance & Accountancy courses, Diploma & Masters Courses, Multimedia and Animation courses, Graphic Design Specialist Courses, Individual Certificate Courses.

At WEB WIZARD employees have access to free training to upgrade their skill sets and the growth potential is phenomenal for the employees.

We at WEB WIZARD adopt and implement new technologies and the employees are provided with the new and latest technology skills and the skills of every employee is identified individually and upgraded to the Industry standards in a very short span of 4 months by way of giving intensive training. We also adopt Virtual Class to the maximum potential to the benefit of the Employees. Employees are trained by the professionals from the Industry.

At WEB WIZARD we offer to conduct free seminars in Colleges about the latest Industry related topics. We specialize in offering Industry related Soft Skill and IT Related training to the students with excellent study materials & faculties from the industry. We provide Certifications from WEB WIZARD and the College to all the participated students, along with campus interviews. Job Offers are given across the table @ the college premises. We at WEB WIZARD believe in sponsorship of all events related to education and fest at all college